Clinical Supervision

What is Professional/Clinical Supervision?

Professional/Clinical supervision differs from line management where your work performance and client load are monitored. Clinical supervision is a formal, structured process whereby you gain professional support to explore issues associated with your practice. In a safe and supportive environment you get to discuss issues of patient/consumer care. The supervision focuses on gaining new insights and perspectives and developing knowledge and skills to assist you in providing a high quality service to patients/consumers.

Who provides Clinical/Professional Supervision?

Suitably qualified mental health professionals who have received training to provide effective clinical supervision. Diane Hickey has received appropriate training and has been providing professional supervision for the three years.

How often do I need to have Professional Supervision and how much will it cost?

It is up to the individual to decide how often they have Professional/Clinical Supervision, there are industry standards that you may like to follow. We charge $145 plus GST for an individual session. Group sessions can be negotiated depending  the length of the session and where the session is provided.

Why do nurses have Professional/Clinical Supervision?

National Standard 5 in the Standards of Practice for Mental Health Nursing in Australia (ANMHN 1995) states the nurse is ‘familiar with clinical supervision in supporting nursing practice and professional growth’ (p17) Clinical supervision is deemed a part of providing mental health service delivery and identified in the National Practice Standards for the Mental Health Workforce (ver.3) in Practice standard 12.  Workers in government, non-government organisations and private practice should be provided with access to clinical supervision.

For more information about our Professional/Clinical Supervision services, please email us or call Diane Hickey on 07 5543 8828.